Enabling the Vision.

Northport Production + Technology, directed by Pastor Zach Smith, encompasses a team of volunteers who work behind the scenes, so to speak, to make sure each worship service, elective class, and Life Group progresses smoothly, using the latest technology to accomplish this goal. When the many systems for audio, lighting, video, and networking are all working in sync, the layer of technology and show blurs and the atmosphere becomes more conducive to worship, learning, and growing in our walk with God.


These team members are dedicated to implementing, maintaining, supporting the many high tech systems that have become a key part of our new, modern Sanctuary and campus. You'll see them on Sundays wearing their headsets, in constant communication with other members of their team, onstage and backstage personnel. The Production + Technology team is also responsible for providing support to our Staff and Leaders should issues arise with the systems these individuals interact with.


Resources from the Production + Technology team, including request forms and support contact information, is available in the We Equip Leadership Portal on this site, as well as on the Podio Work Platform, for Leaders with access to those respective areas. Registered Leaders may sign in by clicking the We Equip Portal link at the bottom of every page of this website.

Christopher Spencer
Cori Sutton
Dwayne Jolly
Carter Shelton
Eli Howard
Jason Burkett
Nathan Miller
Bryan Spencer