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Star Stomp.jpg

Have you ever watched something unfolding from the outside looking in, and you were filled with excitement and anticipation, knowing just how wonderful the outcome would be? Just imagine how the stars rejoiced as they watched the Good News spread and birth of Jesus transpire! Now is the chance for your kids choir to feel the same joy!

Join us for this year's NCOG Children's Department Christmas Musical.  


Just sit right back and you’ll see a tale of a fateful trip, with seven familiar passengers, but with a few new twists! Join Captain Clipper; his first mate Gulligan; the billionaire Houston Powell and his wife; the movie star Scarlett Rooney; the dean; and the sweet farm girl Kari Ann Winters in this parody full of laughs and adventure. The castaways have become stranded on a deserted island with no cars, no lights, not even Facebook! What may be worse than the lack of comforts is the sad fact that the marooned passengers are unable to celebrate Christmas properly. How can you decorate a palm tree? Can you achieve a white Christmas with sand instead of snow? Are coconuts useful for making eggnog? These questions leave the castaways wondering… what makes Christmas “Christmas”? The arrival of a new castaway might hold the key to their rescue, however, strange messages are left in the sand, leaving the castaways anxious and wondering about who wrote them. As they search for a way off the island, they find a truer path, and the retelling of Christ’s birth is told by the most unlikely of sources.

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